Test Samurai Bootcamp

We help displaced workers or individuals seeking a new career learn career transforming Test Engineering skills. These highly sought job skills are the springboard to a great career enabling a new outlook on life, self confidence and a window to opportunity. We accomplish this by providing a safe, fun, and highly interactive learning environment built around real world scenarios.

  • The Test Samurai bootcamp is quite possibly the best Test Engineering training course ever created.
  • It’s an immersive, accelerated 12 week program that gives students the equivalent skillset of testers with 2 to 3 years of experience. Students complete the program with 2 of the most popular testing certifications in the world, ISTQB Foundations and Agile Tester. In addition, it is a great start to many other certifications.
  • The course is the perfect balance of lecture, real world project simulation and an abundance of hands on activities that mimic a real project environment. Students are presented with typical project issues and challenges that will deepen their understanding and teach them how to apply their new skills in the real world.
  • The fun and engaging learning environment leverages advanced learning techniques, teamwork, gamification, common test tools and technologies designed to maximized learning in a way that can be immediately applied to their first job.
  • We are dedicated to Job placement or internship with 2 years of career counselling.

What career game changing tools, skill and methodologies will I learn?

Summary of tools, skills and methodologies you will learn.

  • You will learn the most common and in-demand testing tools in the industry today
    • JIRA, XRAY, Selenium and JMeter
  • You will be able to apply concepts from the worlds top testing and test process improvement methodologies
    • ISTQB, Agile, DevOps and TMMI
  • You will have the worlds leading testing certifications
    • Both the ISTQB Foundations and Agile Certifications
    • Also will be well on your way for numerous other certifications


Program details and logistics

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