TMMi Professional Training + Certification Exam

As per new “AGILE” TMMI Foundations v2.0 2020 updates.

Class Overview

TMMi is the leading model for test process improvement. It is applicable to both traditional and Agile environments. Organizations and individuals are increasingly adopting TMMi to improve their test process and have their test process or test organization accredited. Attendees will be achieving a detailed understanding of the TMMi model, including the goals, process areas and practices for each maturity level. They will also learn how to apply and use TMMi in an Agile context. Afterwards, they will be able to guide and advice an organization or project when using the TMMi model as a basis for their test process improvements. TMMi based assessments, both formal and informal, are also discussed during this course. The course will be a mixture of lecture and many practical exercises to allow attendees to gain a detailed understanding of the TMMi and the various ways it can be used in practice.

This TMMi course is fully updated and based on the latest version of TMMi Professional syllabus (released January 2020). Participants are throughout this course also prepared to successfully take the TMMi Professional exam.


Learning objectives:

  • Explain to management the business importance of test process improvement
  • Guide and advice an organization or project when using the TMMi model as a basis for their test process improvement, both in traditional lifecycle environments as Agile context
  • Provide support in the interpretation and understanding of the TMMi model, including the relationship of the TMMi to the CMMI model
  • Act as a co-assessor in informal TMMi assessments
  • Participate in programs for improving the test process within an organization or project and can identify critical success factors

Topics Covered:

  • Context of test improvement
  • Introduction to the TMMi model
  • Overview of the TMMi maturity levels
  • Structure and components of the TMMi model
  • TMMi model in detail
  • Applying and using TMMi in an Agile context
  • TMMi formal and informal assessments
  • Implementation of the TMMi (incl. critical success factors)
  • Test improvement manifesto

(Includes of new TMMI Foundations v2.0 2020 updates)

Who should attend ?

The TMMi Professional course and qualification is aimed at anyone involved in using the TMMi model. This includes people in roles such as test process improvers, test consultants, TMMi (lead-)assessors, business stakeholders, test managers, and members of a Test Process Group. The TMMi Professional course is appropriate for anyone who wants an understanding of the TMMi model. Holders of the TMMi Professional certificate will be able to demonstrate a level of knowledge required as a prerequisite to become an accredited TMMi lead-assessor or assessor.

TMMi Professional Exam attendees to the course can optionally also take the TMMi Professional exam. The exam will take place on 2nd day of the course and will consists of 40 multiple choice questions whereby 26 correct answers are required to pass the exam.

How does this certification benefit me ?

With the TMMi® Test Maturity Model Integration Professional certification:

  • You will have an internationally recognized certification
  • You will be able to explain the importance of test management improvements to management
  • You will be able to take the lead and advise on the use of the TMMi® model for improving test management processes in organizations and projects
  • You will be able to help others interpret and understand the model
  • You will be qualified to take part in programs for improving test processes within an organization or project

TMMi Training Schedules

Location: This class has been moved to our Virtual Class Platform because of COVID-19

MonthDates/TimesInstructor (Click for LinkedIn Profile)LocationRegistration Link
June25th > 6PM to 9PM
26th > 6PM to 9PM
27th > 8AM to 1PM
28th > 8AM to 1PM
Mark SummersVirtual - Live Instructor
July23rd to 26thVirtual - Live Instructor
August27th to 30thVirtual - Live Instructor
September24th to 27thVirtual - Live Instructor

Students have option to take exam after the class or take exam on their convenience within 2 weeks of training.

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