Test Maturity Assessments

What is TMMi?

  • TMMI is the worlds leading Test Maturity Assessment framework.
  • The TMMi Test Process Improvement framework provides the quickest way to transform your ability to rapidly deploy high quality applications.
  • Leverages the proven CMMi Assessment methodology.
  • TMMi is a DEEP testing evaluation with 16 testing practices vs only 2 testing practices in CMMi
  • The QA Radius leadership team has performed more assessments and trained more TMMI professionals than anyone in the United States.

QA Radius Test Maturity Assessment offerings!

What are the benefits of a Test Assessment?

  • Critical for improving the frequency, quality and value of software deployments
  • Improves Cycle Time, lowers Production Defects and improves Code Quality.
  • First step in continuous improvement frameworks like Deming Cycle, CMMI-IDEAL, Six Sigma-DMAIC
  • Serves as a key input to retrospectives and continuous improvement
  • Drives improvements to the efficiencies and effectiveness of the SDLC
  • Enables the business to do business

How does the assessment process work?

  • We start with the world’s leading testing maturity assessment framework, TMMI.
  • Interview leadership/assessment sponsorship to understand the Technology / IT goals and objectives
  • Meet with key product or project stakeholders like the 3 amigos
  • We collect artifacts, work products and relevant deliverable
  • We observe agile ceremonies or waterfall phases
  • We collect and analyze metrics testing and code quality metrics
  • Next we deliver the assessment findings, maturity level and continuous improvement recommendations.
  • Finally lead a prioritization workshop giving you a jump start on implementing these critical improvements.