Our Training Services

Our innovative approach to learning

QA Radius works tirelessly to provide the most immersive, effective, fun and “sticky” learning experience available. We have customized QA and testing courses which are available to you at affordable prices. Training courses range from online, classroom (virtual or in-person) or self paced training. At the end of each course, the candidate will validate their new skills with assessments certified by QA Radius. These courses will provide you real world skills to help you land the perfect job and rapidly advance in your career.  Our courses are also great foundations for  ISTQB or CSTE Software Certifications.

Our Signature Training Course

Testers Boot Camp:

  • Whether it is Agile, Waterfall or Devops, we have a testing curriculum customized to current industry needs.
  • Our Tester Boot Camp is more interactive and taught by QA leaders who have over 20 years experience in Quality Assurance.  When you complete this boot camp, you will be able to understand the concept of software testing and quality assurance in real world application, not just theory.
  • Our boot camp covers testing fundamentals including manual and automation testing.
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Tester Boot camp Agenda:

  • Software Testing Overview & Evolution
  • Fundamentals of Software Testing
    • Test Planning, Design, Execution, Monitoring & Control
  • Modern testing frameworks
    • Agile, Dev Ops and Model driven
  • Automation Testing Basics
  • Performance Testing Quick Start
  • Mobile Testing Overview
  • Metrics, Measurement and Continuous Improvement
  • Software Testing Career Development and Interview Preparation

Why QA Radius

We are not just a training center

QA Radius is not just a training company, it is a well established QA Company with QA leaders that hold over 20 years of experience in Quality Assurance in Fortune 100 Companies. Thus, you get trained by QA Leaders with extensive industry experience.

We are one of the top 2 companies accredited by TMMi foundation to conduct TMMi professional training.

QA placement services

After software training completion, we guide our student for technical interviews and prep them for QA jobs.


Customized training

Our Extreme Transparency Policy ensures that the client receives a transparent price feed, transparent liquidity, transparent historical data, and transparent market information at all times.

QA Radius Training

Experienced IT Professional trainers

Learn software testing skills from experienced testers who have been in quality assurance roles for more than 20 years. In addition to teaching, we provide mentorship on a practical basis that will enable you to open doors to a challenging career for yourself.

Accredited TMMi Service Provider

We are proud to announce that QA Radius LLC is one of the top 2 accredited by TMMi to conduct TMMi training.  Our trainers are IT Professionals who have experience of conducting more than 100 assessments. When you learn training with us you will learn about TMMi and also practical assessment experience. Register today  talking to QA Radius

Get right career guidance

Step by step guidance to the students on how to sharpen their skills after completion of the training course is given by us. We provide counseling on how to face job interviews and also connect them to successful employers who offer attractive job opportunities and pay scales. Placement wing of Tops Technologies ensures that you get success in achieving the best job in the IT Industry.