QA Modernization

We help technology teams Modernize QA, optimizing  inefficient and buggy software resulting in faster, high quality and secure software delivery that exceeds end user expectations.

The reality of transformation initiatives is they are complicated and have a low success record.   Factors like budget, executive support, politics, poor processes, implementation failures, experience drive continuous improvements,  cause these initiatives to fail, not achieve the original ROI or flat out not be adopted.   Don’t jeopardize your reputation and career with …..

The QA Radius EPIC QA Modernization framework is the most efficient and effective way to to transform and modernize your testing.   We have the secret sauce for helping you take your transformation ideas from ideation to implementation if the shortest time possible.

Soon you will be recognized as having lead the most successful transformations in the company.


What are the real impacts of improving your Quality and Test processes?

  • Improve the frequency of your deployments
  • Deliver higher quality, more secure applications
  • Reduce the lead time from Idea to deployed applications
  • Enable your business partners or end users with systems that exceed their expectations
  • Invest in your associates, improve employee satisfaction and retain your top talent.



How does the EPIC Process Transformation framework work?

We leverage our proprietary EPIC QA Modernization framework to rapidly Evaluate their current practices, skills and outcomes; Prepare and prioritize game changing practice improvements;  support the Implementation of these process improvements and upskilling of teams and Calibrate their practices with advanced analytics and our continuous improvement framework.